Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to an RCHS legend!

"Man Mr. Smart, I saw your sister on Youtube, that girl got flow!"

If only I had a dollar for every time I heard that.

It is the birthday of the only red headed rapper I know. The girl who showed us that rapping isn't just for thugs. The girl who established the white-mormon-middle-class on the scene. She is the founder of Los G's. She has rapped along side the likes of D-lish, The Abominable Ro-Man, B. Rizzle Nizzle, Rocko, Pop Rox and CherDawg. The girl who is single handedly responsible for the trend that has led to the Swagger Wagon commercials. That's right, it's the one, the only Riz Na$ty! Happy Birthday to the coolest girl I know. (After Sara.)

I thought I would get a little more mileage out of some of my extra credit Birfday Raps. They are remixed in HD and there are even some previously unreleased cuts. (You know they have to be bad if they didn't make the cut last time.) The Swagger Wagon is at the bottom, which only could be better if Toyota shelled out the dough to get Riz Na$ty as the mom.

Happy Birthday Rach, we love you!


Darrell said...

Great tribute to an amazing sister. Thx for the countdown. 66 days until you can ride a bike huh? That's tough. Tell Sara that riding a mountain bike on the road is not the least bit fun. You're going to need something to rehab your knee and given your total lack of judgment, mountain biking is definitely out.

Rachey Smart said...

Rang! I always knew you were my favorite brother! Thank you SO much. I loved this post. I am embarrassed to say that was my first experience with the Swag Wagon! I freakin loved it though. And the birthday raps are even better second year around! I have missed Darren! She's not a foe, when it gets down to doe! ha ha. Thanks so much Rang. Love you!

cheryl said...

Rang, I missed this on Rach's B-day, but she told me about it. She loved it so much. I just got around to seeing it. It is awesome. I loved seeing the videos as much or more than last year. I love Darren! But the Swagger Wagon was what tied it all together. I can totally see Rachel as the Swagger Wagon Mom. Best Birthday Blog!

Roxanne said...

Rangi! Great blog! And so true, rach is amazing :) And it was great to watch the fabulous extra credit raps again. Ha ha

Rachey Smart said...

Rang, thanks again! Call me a narcissist, but I had to visit it again! I love the birthday raps! I need an album of those! Thanks again, that was so nice of you.