Saturday, November 15, 2008

Smart Brothers' Costume Contest!

This was not an official contest just one I decided to post on my blog. Vote for your favorite Smart brother's Halloween costume.

The leg lamp from Christmas Story

Roman's best impersonation of it. 
Roman loves to dress up as inanimate objects.   Two years ago, he was a pole.  If he can tie it into something on the transsexual side, that is just a bonus.  

This is actually Beetle's costume.    He just let me borrow it this year.   Apparently he likes inanimate objects too.   He wanted me to post him in his HULK costume but he never emailed me the picture.  The Nintendo Paddle is pretty cool though and it actually looks a lot better in person.

Syndrome collectable.

Syndrome delectable. 
(Sorry I couldn't resist.)
This costume cost me about eighty bucks to make, 
but dang was it worth it! 
The only thing better than being a super villain 
is being a red-headed super villain.

Finally "Rocky the Jockey."  Rocky believes any costume is better if it rhymes.  Next year maybe he can borrow Beetle's Nintendo Paddle and with a few alterations he can go as "Rocky the Walkie-Talkie."