Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father's and Son's

Because our internet was down for the last two weeks, I am a little behind on my blogging.  Don't worry, I am going to catch up one blog at a time.   Watch in this one as Rig's hair gets progressively worse. 

Father's and son's this year was somewhere up the Angles Crest Highway.  It was a beautiful spot and Rigdon and I had a blast.  Here he is eating his first ever freeze dried meal.

He found the world's largest pine cone. 
(We are checking with Guiness.)

We were planning on doing some biking but the trails were a little out of Rig's league.  So we stopped at Bonelli Park on the way home and found some single track.  It was roughly a thousand degrees.   

After sweltering in the single track we found a swimming beach to cool off in. 

Then we decided to rent a kayak.  That was Rig's favorite part of our trip. 

I am embarrassed to say that after eight years of calling myself a surfer, the first time I shot the pier was in a kayak on a lake. 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sara is a Beast!

The trip to Havasupai was a major success.  Sara dominated.  For the five people who voted on my survey (one of which was me) she was somewhere between "making me look over-the-hill" and "managing without complaint."  She passed 29 people climbing the switch-backs, I counted.  Here is a short scrapbook of the trip for the four people who actually check my blog.  

The first night was spent in the parking lot.  Under the stars in a mummy-bag is tough to beat, even on asphalt, but sara beat it by moving into the car after an undisclosed amount of time.  

Sara is all smiles as the hike begins.

Who wouldn't be all smiles with a pack discrepancy like that.  (To be fair to Sara, hers was heavier than it looked.)

The hike down was beautiful, even carrying your wife's gear (shampoo, conditioner and make-up included.)

The first set of falls.  A larger woman showed me how to climb up and jump off.  I figured if she could do it, it must be safe. 

Sara got this pic of my entry.  Pretty sweet, I guess.  If I was a real man I would have dove. 

Havasu Falls, one of the two big ones.  Pictures don't do it justice.

After the trip Sara told me her favorite part was swimming in these pools.  She was one of the few girls to brave the cold water.  After watching her play in the water, an older lady told Sara she had a "hearty soul."  I couldn't agree more. 

This was my favorite part of the trip, Dinner with a view.  Freeze dried Turkey Tetrizzini overlooking the 210-ft Mooney Falls, a backpackers delight. 

A hot date to go with the hot food, a backpacker's bonus. 

One of us enjoyed breakfast in bed, on what she called her best night of sleep ever. Big statement huh?  I guess the mummy-bag was worth the 45 bucks.

Sara descending at her own risk to Mooney Falls.

Sara is the queen of corny picture poses. I think she is suppose to be falling in this one, but you would have to ask her. 

A rope swing along the hike to Beaver Falls. 

I bet you didn't realize it was this lush at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Our break overlooking more cool pools. 

Sara tried the rope swing on our way back from Beaver Falls.

Mooney Falls, again.

Sara remembered my birthday and even managed to pack me down some presents and a card.  Of course when it was time to leave, it was my turn to pack them out.  

Sara was on a mission on the way out.  She was seriously pushing the pace a good part of the time.  She is a BEAST!