Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling.

We spent last weekend beach camping at Doheny.
Here's how it went down.

We had a sweet site close to the beach and the bathroom.  Which is critical with three kids and especially a pregnant wife.

Lots of body-boarding in the shore break.

The kites were a hit in the afternoon.

After a while the excitement wore off.

Eventually it became a chore to lay on the handles while they sunbathed.

The kids decided they wanted to see how much seaweed they could hoard. 

Rig and Liv learning the value of teamwork.

Dad says "to heck with teamwork."  This was seriously the second heaviest thing I have ever carried in my life.  The first was a gigantic pumpkin.  The first time I latched on to this baby, it was still in the water and a wave carried us both out.  I got tumbled in the shore break a little bit.  Most the people on the beach got a good laugh. 

Incase you were wondering what the inside of a tent trailer looked like. 
(Notice the emergency exit, come on, is that really necessary?)

Mom is down for the night.

Caroline is headed out for the night.  

Grandpa Steve and Grandma LeeAnn were able to spend a lot of time with us now that Grandma graduated.  Congratulations LeeAnn!

Tinfoil dinners, a camp classic.

S'mores in the daylight, a rarity in our family.

Rig only brought one flipflop.  So he had to go barefoot the whole trip or wear an extra pair of Moms.  He chose barefoot, except for when we went out to eat.  
He wasn't happy about it. 

But Sara was.  
If you don't know Sara very well, this is what she looks like when she is laughing so hard she can't get control of herself.  Real sweet Mom!

Rig borrowed Livi's flip-flops, I borrowed her Barbie Razor, and we tore up the campground.  Rig took me on an obstacle course and one of the obstacles sent me OTB.  I didn't think it was near as funny as the people camped next to us did.

Finally the highlight of the trip was Rig's surf lesson.
First lesson: "Every surfer caries his own board."
(Mom actually bailed him out on that one.  I pretended not to see.)

Rig was a little hesitant but worked up the courage to paddle out on his own. 

It helped to know that even though the lifeguard was off duty, 
Livi was on duty.
She wants to be on baywatch someday.  
She is only one major surgery away.

Rig in the line up, paddling for a monster on the outside. 

The fans watch with anticipation.

He smoothly slides down the face.

And he's up.

Now Rig knows the feeling.  
Welcome to the club Rig!

But he still has time to pose with his fans for a picture. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the ROX!

I finally had my first positive influence on Roxanne.  She started a Blog.  Check it out, and leave her a comment she needs some motivation to keep it going.   ON THE ROX

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kayaking on Santa Cruz Island

If you didn't already hear from Sara's Blog, I surprised her with a getaway to the Channel Islands. (Not exotic, just off the California coast.) It turned out to be an awesome trip. Here are some details.
Sara is posed with the sunset and the poopy Ventura Pier. We spent the night there and caught the boat in the morning.

We saw hundreds of dolphins on the boat ride but we didn't have our camera when it counted or we could have gotten some awesome pictures.

This was the point were the boat dropped us off and the adventure began. Neither I nor Sara had really done anything like this and so I had to fib a little bit concerning my ocean kayaking experience to put the charter boat company at ease. They required amateurs have a guide but we compensated for this by ease dropping on the lesson the hired guide gave another couple who were admitted amateurs.

Exploring the Island on our own turned out to be a great decision. Sara only yelled at me a couple of times for taking her into what she perceived as dangerous situations. Which was much better than the alternative of having a third wheel along for the day.

The coastline was full of colorful starfish.

We saw a few jelly fish.

We got very close to one sea lion in particular. Though this was not it. It was however one of the situations Sara perceived as dangerous.

We found some big sea caves that Sara was comfortable in.

And some small ones she was not.

Another picture same cave.

The water was so clear and peaceful. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the serenity of kayaking.

The approach to an arch way.

Sara is posed for the next REI catalog as she passes through the arch.

We picnicked and explored the island a little bit.

We found a secluded cove to swim in.

It was a perfect day. Minus the smudge on the camera lens.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back from the MOTHERLAND!

Utah was a blast as usual. Here are some of the highlights.

A family who rodeo's together, stays together. Livi and I were the only two performers this year. Rigdon missed his last mutton bust with a broken arm. Unfortunately, I think I was more bummed than he was.

Annabelle filled in for Rigdon.

This is Livi after last year's mutton bust. (It might of been my favorite picture of 2007.)

This was Livi after this year's bust. Though her performance wasn't much better her landing was.

The Bold and Gold could have faired better. We were the second team to get milk but got some dirt in the bottle and so the judge didn't accept it. We got milk again but by then it was only good enough for third place and we were out of the finals. It was a total drag. Our cow was pretty rank. She managed to break my nose but Bram and I got her mugged eventually. That is my eleventh rodeo and only my second broken bone. (If noses even count.) Not too bad, I guess.

I'd like to quit but every year the fan support grows. This year we had fans come in from as far as Idaho.

We did mucho mountain biking. It was epic. This is South Fork in Provo Canyon. Mindy in the foreground with Sara trying to keep up.

Beetle raging on the hard tail.

Beetle raging on the Cheetos. You might think that's not good trail food, but don't worry he has Diet Coke in his Camelback to wash it down.

There is only one word to describe Roman's riding style and he wears it proudly on his helmet.

We made it to Benny Creek in Payson Canyon but we all chickened out of this drop off.

I didn't chicken out of the drop off into the mud pit but I should have. (Roman said I looked much more ripped as a black guy.)

It had been a while since we had done Timp Cave. So we did it. It is a classic.

Livi did the whole hike on her own power. I was proud of her, especially because she said her legs were tired after the first 100 yards or so.

Caroline rode in style to the top but insisted on walking down by herself. It was not fast.

Rock climbing is my latest hobby. I'm not very good, but so far I love it.

Rig couldn't go swimming with his arm so we got him a harness and he came climbing 3 or 4 times.

Sara learned to belay and did a little climbing herself.

Rig did awesome, especially for having a broken arm.

American Fork canyon is a climber's paradise.

Roman and I taught each other how to lead climb.

Roman is a real Huck Finn. He mountain bikes in cut-offs and rock climbs in full length jeans but in either case the jeans have one thing in common: they're butt tight.

If this picture looks staged, it is. That hold I am reaching for is actually the camera. However I am 70 feet up.

This one is staged also. Not quite as good of rock climbing face as his old man.

Livi wanted to get in on the party. She really needs to work on her face though. She appears to be hugging this rock.

Sara usually celebrates her birthday with my family and I usually celebrate my birthday with hers. This year was no exception. Happy 3 Oh!

We rode Ricker's motorcycles in the foothills. Rig loved them. With car seat laws these days, I don't know if this is legal, but everything feels a little more legal in Utah for some reason.

We walked the loop at Silver Lake by Brighton. Caroline did it on her own power.

Our kids were excited to find the last of the Utah snow.

We did a hike to Stewart Falls. Maxwell's seat went from bad to worse when Benson pooped in his diaper.

The kids found some spelunking along the way.

Rig wants to be Huck Finn just like his uncle Roman.

Playing in the falls.

All those of us who were willing to let the water fall permanently part their hair. (Roman in cut-offs again.)

The whole Rick Smart family except for Rick Smart.
We made him stay home and make dinner.