Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Sad Sad Day.

Below is my first time listing anything on craigslist:

It is with a pit in my stomach that I list my 1970 VW bus. LOLA as she is affectionately known is a not your average VW bus. Not only is she a looker but she is loaded with personality and always the life of the party. She has a hightop and sectional seating inside. She was once a full on camper version and still has a bench that folds flat in an instant and the stove that stores under the seats and hooks up to a propane tank on the undercarriage. She has a 1776cc motor that I recently spent $2200 to have rebuilt and now my wife won't let me forget about it. She has dual carburetors and really has good power for a bus. It has seat-belts for seven but has carted a record 18 high schoolers to school, two of which were Tongan.

If you want to make your high schooler the coolest kid in school this bus is the ticket. Trust me I teach high school and the kids love it. Or if you just want to be the coolest dad on the block, it will do that too.

She runs great but the clutch is going out. She is still drivable but it is getting hard to get her into first. My mechanic quoted me 455 to do the clutch. The alternator is weak and so I throw her on the charger once a week. With those two fixes she is a daily driver.

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