Sunday, October 17, 2010

An 8 cow woman.

No, I am not talking about Sara. (She is much more than an 8 cow wife.) I am talking about my second love, Lola.

When Lola first entered my life she made mine and Sara's relationship into a rather awkward love triangle. Sara used to put Lola down often with her version of "Mahana you ugly!" and one time in the heat of the moment she threatened me with "It's either me or her, you decide!" but Sara is finally warming up to her and sometimes she even shares the stoke of Lola.

Here are some highlights of our relationship.

First I gave her a make-over.


The makeover isn't finished yet, just on hold until the Lola fund is replenished.
(You can see Jilli has the Lola Stoke. She calls her Lolo or Lala. It is really cute.)

Rig and I took her camping with the scouts. It is the closest I have ever been to infidelity.

I loved winding through the canyon roads with Lola so much it felt like I was cheating on somebody.

Always Flirty.
Here I caught her peaking out from behind a pine.

We cooked dinner on her stove top.

First day of school party at sonic. (In California there are no seat-belt laws in the back-seat for cars older than 1972. So there is no limit to how many kids can ride in the back. In the Smart family we are taking back some of our personal freedoms and it feels great.)

The kids loaded up with their blankets for the drive-in.

In a matter of seconds the seat folds into a bed and the kids are viewing the movie in style.

Are you ready to buy a bus yet? You'll have to find your own, this one is not for sale.

The high ceilings and wood floors naturally lend themselves to basketball, so I installed this hoop. It was a lot of fun until Caroline air-balled a shot right out the window. Now we need a new ball.

Tailgating before the Rancho football games, you can always spot her in a parking lot.

Lola has made me the most popular guy in the ward as far as the primary goes. Everyday after church there is a party in the bus. Most of the primary kids flock to Lola and play car, house or basketball until I am ready to go. Then Lola and I drive home as many kids as want to come (usually 10-15) and their parents come and pick them up from our house.

She is a true treasure.


Rachey Smart said...

HA HA HA!!! As close to infidelity as you've ever been! You kill me Rang! I want a Lola. I cant believe how much fun that looks. Awkward love triangle....

cheryl said...

That flirty Lola peaking out from the tree. When the cats away Lola will play. Sara, "You better hurry and get home!"

Dave said...

I love that dinner = 2 hard boiled eggs and red vines. I'd hate to be sleeping in Lola with the boys after that...

SavageSam said...

Oh gosh, I had no idea Lola was so cute. My wife, the lovely Lee Ann, said "Maybe we should get a Lola too!" I know I miss my '72. Love to take back a little freedom once in awhile. I am about to get rid of all of my late model cars and start a used car lot just for that. Great fun at the drive in, the games, the mountains. Is there anything Lola can't do?

Darrell said...

You are seriously one of the coolest dads on planet earth--actually probably on any planet. Your kids will have stories to tell and many of them will undoubtedly include experiences with and surrounding Lola. Great post. Yeah, I agree she's looking flirty peeking out from behind that tree!