Thursday, May 21, 2009

Extra-Credit Birthday Raps for RIZ!!

I really wanted to do a rap for Rachel for her birthday, but after an hours effort and only some totally lame lyrics that would have set me in stone as the family's least talented rapper, I came up with a Plan B: offer extra-credit to any of my students who would write and perform a Birthday Rap for Riz Nasty.  Below is the fruit my plan bore.  Because of it, there may be some kids pass Algebra that otherwise wouldn't have.  I don't think most of them are worth the extra credit they cost me, but hopefully Rach will.   What I am lacking in quality I am making up for with quantity.

This guy is an aspiring Los G.  I think he's got a ways to go. 

Trying to move from a B to an A.

Darren has viral video written all over him.

Darren's out-takes. 

Riz Nasty Birthday Raps Continued

Maybe some real talent?

I told her to say dang!

Freestyling, yo!

Voted the best background!

More Birfday Raps for Riz Nasty!

I call this guy White Chocolate.  Remind you of anybody?

Rapping on behalf of another student. 

Bio:  White Girl, needs extra-credit real bad. 

J-Mart also needing anything he can get. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Egg Nog Chug!

Every year on the last day of our "Hell Week" for wrestling, we have a 3 mile run up the steepest road in Rancho Cucamonga.  We arrange to have plenty of donuts, chocolate milk and egg nog (or as I call it "real men's gatorade") waiting at the top.  Last year after suffering up the run nicknamed "The Big Pun" for the 8th time, I was enjoying my 2nd glass of egg nog and 3rd donut when one of my hot shot wrestlers challenged me to an egg nog chug.  I have a hard time turning down any challenge especially when there are a bunch of my wrestlers egging me on (no pun intended).   This challenge was 1 quart of egg nog (32 ounces or 8 servings) first one done gets the satisfaction of beating the other guy.  Trust me for a wrestler beating his coach at anything brings mounds of satisfaction.  I try to allow that as little as possible.   The ensuing battle was filmed on a cell phone and is posted below.     
Though I may be smiling at the end of the video, my stomach payed the price 15 minutes later when my competitor started to hurl.  
I was wishing I could throw-up as well.  However as a wrestling 
coach you can't show any sign of weakness ever or you risk losing your mystique as some kind of freak wild-man who is able to 
endure far more than a normal human-being. (Trust me this is a 
vital quality for any respected wrestling coach.) Plus I didn't want to 
give one of my wrestlers the satisfaction of knowing that he some
how caused me some kind of pain or even discomfort. So I had to 
suck it up and keep wearing a smile until the party was over.  
I don't think I'll ever learn, at least I hope not.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to do my own Mother's Day rap, but I decided Mr. T was more talented than me. Between my Mom and my wife I have the two most awesome Moms in the world in my life.  They are the best because motherhood is their first priority and it shows.  Thanks for everything Cher and Sara from me and Mr. T!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Riz Nasty and _________?

Which of Riz Nasty's four accompanists do you prefer?  In the video below is "D-Lish."  (D-Lish is also featured on Rigdon's Birfday Rap.)  In the video bar to the right on top is "B. Rizzle Nizzle" and on the bottom is "The Abominable Ro-Man."  If you want to see her with "The Rocko" you have to click on his name.  (His video didn't make it to youtube.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Immortalized by Riz Nasty & D-Lish

You know you've made it when you get a Birfday Rap from Riz Nasty and D-Lish. Thank you both. I love it!!