Sunday, September 21, 2008


Football season is always a great time, but it is much better when your teams are winning.  At the Smart home there are only two teams that matter and they both share the same mascot.  That's right, the BYU Cougars and the RCHS Cougars.  Both of which are rolling.  The two are a combined 7-0 with 6 blow out victories, 3 shut outs and have outscored their opponents 288-80.
It's good to be a cougar! 

Rig with his game face on.  His flag football team is actually 1-0 but that is a small footnote. 

These are actually their Halloween costumes from last year but as good as BYU is playing I might make them wear them again this year.

The whole fam found a shade of purple for the tailgate party before the first RCHS home game.

The girls united themselves one step further by all wearing pigtails or as Caroline calls them "Piggy Nails."


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rig bags his first peak!

Every time we go on a family hike Rig complains it isn't long enough.  So I had been promising him an extended backpacking trip. (One night)

We set out for the 12 mile hike up the 9000-ft Cucamonga Peak after school on Friday.

Here's Rig at the trail head.  His hat pushes his ears down and makes him look like he is waiting for the 'short bus' to pick him up and take him to the top.

First break, one mile in, trail mix and water.  Rig wore his LA hat to be like uncle Rhett.

The hike itself was prettier than I expected for being right in our backyard.

The whole hike Rig was either picking up a rock to throw, a stick to carry or something to take home to his sisters. 

Rig was excited for his first chance to pump water.  Luckily we filled everything we had because we didn't find any water after this.

There was a nice place to pitch a tent right next to the water hole, but Rig and I decided to hike to the next spot we found.  It was mostly dark and we seemed to be in a never ending series of switch-backs when we finally had to pick the widest section of the trail we had seen in a while to camp on.  

As we were making dinner, we noticed at first a couple of "giant" ants and then 10 or so, and all of the sudden a full on army coming for our dinner.  
This is my hand because Rig was 'playing it safe.' He didn't want to get bit.  We both decided  the best place to be was in the tent. 
Tommy Boy quote #1:
"Run for your lives! Your firearms are useless against them!" 

We packed some Uno cards.  Rig had all of his cards spread out behind him and was having to turn around and go through his pile every turn.  It was taking forever.  I was trying to teach him how to fan them out (pictured.)  When his frustration was released "Dad my hands are too little and the cards are too big!"  He eventually resorted back to the pile method.  

Needless to say our tent didn't quite fit on the trail.  Rig and I were both a little worried about slipping over the "cliff" in the night and rolling in the tent until we hit a tree.  I thought I would sleep on the side by the "cliff" because I trusted myself more than Rigdon in my sleep.  Rig had the realization that he should sleep by the cliff, because if I rolled over, I would pull us both over, but if he rolled off, my weight would keep us on.  Maybe he isn't going to ride the short bus.

   We woke up still on the trail and no sign of the ants so we enjoyed some oatmeal in the fresh air.  After we got home Sara asked Rig how the food was to which he answered "Delicious!" 
(Mom sent the plaid pajama pants.) 

The delicious food led to Rig's first back country number 2.  Which I probably should have checked to see if he buried it well enough but I decided to take his word for it.
Tommy Boy Quote #2 (Mormon Version):
"You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up the the bull's rear, but wouldn't you rather take the butcher's word for it."

2.4 miles to go.  

Rig posed in a log.

Finally at the top, we were able to spot Rig's school and approximate where our house was.

We stayed on the peak for about a half hour and had it all to ourselves, the whole time.

Rig thought there was ice on these pine-cones, maybe 6 months ago Rig.  He did manage to get that ice all over his whole arm.

We found an old mining shaft and explored it with our head lamps.  It went a lot further back than I thought.  We were both a little freaked out.   

Classic So Cal scenery.

Rig with a pretty big Sequoia.

Parts of the hike felt like a national park.

Rig was pretty tuckered out for the ride home.  Hopefully that hike was long enough for him.  It was definitely a blast for me.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day '08 (Swimming Hole, So Cal style)

I always do my homework on the internet before I plan a family outing.   I had been intrigued with Malibu for a while; so we mounted up the bikes to head for Malibu Creek State Park.  I had read about an awesome swimming hole that we could bike to.   

We got Subway for a picnic.  
Poor Rig, looks like his IQ has gone down by 2o points since he started losing his teeth.  

The girls were twinners, soon to be triplets. 

We were enjoying our nice little spot in the shade.  Until....

The 'Spanish Acquisition' happened.  These folk apparently liked our spot so they invited themselves right up.  I guess they figured since we didn't speak the same language, we wouldn't mind if they shared our log.  It was awesome!

The swimming hole was actually really cool, but the crowd was not.  Apparently the publishers of "The Guide to Southern California Swimming Holes" must have released a Spanish Edition, because they were all there.  Complete with the Mariachi Music on the Boom Box.   

We felt a little out of place because I didn't wear a 'wife beater' and our kids had swimming suits. 
This is like Where's Waldo, see if you can spot Rigdon.  He is the only Caucasian.
Despite the crowd we did do a little swimming, and I think we will go back again on a weekday.