Sunday, September 21, 2008


Football season is always a great time, but it is much better when your teams are winning.  At the Smart home there are only two teams that matter and they both share the same mascot.  That's right, the BYU Cougars and the RCHS Cougars.  Both of which are rolling.  The two are a combined 7-0 with 6 blow out victories, 3 shut outs and have outscored their opponents 288-80.
It's good to be a cougar! 

Rig with his game face on.  His flag football team is actually 1-0 but that is a small footnote. 

These are actually their Halloween costumes from last year but as good as BYU is playing I might make them wear them again this year.

The whole fam found a shade of purple for the tailgate party before the first RCHS home game.

The girls united themselves one step further by all wearing pigtails or as Caroline calls them "Piggy Nails."



jenni bishop said...

I was inspired that night you guys all wore purple...I went online the next day and ordered Caden a purple Old Navy t-shirt! I don't think it will be here before tomorrow's game though. Go Cougars! By the way...every time Griffone yells, "Touchdown COUGARS" on the loud speaker, Macie comes running to me...she thinks real cougars are on the prowl!

cheryl said...

Good thing you guys look so cute in's not everybody who can pull that color off. BYU blue really works too. We're not prejudice we love cougars of all colors.

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