Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day '08 (Swimming Hole, So Cal style)

I always do my homework on the internet before I plan a family outing.   I had been intrigued with Malibu for a while; so we mounted up the bikes to head for Malibu Creek State Park.  I had read about an awesome swimming hole that we could bike to.   

We got Subway for a picnic.  
Poor Rig, looks like his IQ has gone down by 2o points since he started losing his teeth.  

The girls were twinners, soon to be triplets. 

We were enjoying our nice little spot in the shade.  Until....

The 'Spanish Acquisition' happened.  These folk apparently liked our spot so they invited themselves right up.  I guess they figured since we didn't speak the same language, we wouldn't mind if they shared our log.  It was awesome!

The swimming hole was actually really cool, but the crowd was not.  Apparently the publishers of "The Guide to Southern California Swimming Holes" must have released a Spanish Edition, because they were all there.  Complete with the Mariachi Music on the Boom Box.   

We felt a little out of place because I didn't wear a 'wife beater' and our kids had swimming suits. 
This is like Where's Waldo, see if you can spot Rigdon.  He is the only Caucasian.
Despite the crowd we did do a little swimming, and I think we will go back again on a weekday. 


jenni bishop said...

That place looks really cool! We want to go with you next time. I'm liking the weekday idea though!
I love Sara's face in the log picture!:)

jenni bishop said...

I also love all of the pictures of Sara eating! That baby is getting some great nutrition! I finally found Rig in the Where's Waldo pic. It took me a while...but I found him! I'm actually a little worried about where your other two kids are!!!

the bigbam said...

This post had me laughing!Benson found Rigdon right away, that looks like a fun place.

Leslie Kim said...

LOL!! That was too funny!! Looks like it was fun! Sara just looks way too cute pregnant!

Steve said...

Que bueno! Un dia muy divertido con la familia, Y con los Chilies. Next time don't forget the wife beater and the Taco Bell Amigo. Que felicidad esta afuera con tu familia! Guess you are going to need a Spanish dictionary Amigo. Maybe not. Sara speaks fluent espanol.
Actually it looks like a real nice place to visit. I loved your travelogue. Keep on exploring new and exotic places with your beautiful fam.

Pretty Boy 130 said...

Wow that place looks awesome!I bet there are more Hispanic people in that picture than all of Utah!

cheryl said...

That swimming "hole" looked like a "whole" lot of Fiesta Fun!!!! That is a definite Grandma Cher Joke. I really apologize, but not too much. I'm just afraid you might quit reminding me to look at your Blog. Yea, I'm right up there with Benson I was able to find Rig too. (Only when I enlarged the screen though.) Before that I was sure the big guy in the red shorts was white, but after making it big screen I realised it was just a big white T-shirt.