Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father's and Son's

Because our internet was down for the last two weeks, I am a little behind on my blogging.  Don't worry, I am going to catch up one blog at a time.   Watch in this one as Rig's hair gets progressively worse. 

Father's and son's this year was somewhere up the Angles Crest Highway.  It was a beautiful spot and Rigdon and I had a blast.  Here he is eating his first ever freeze dried meal.

He found the world's largest pine cone. 
(We are checking with Guiness.)

We were planning on doing some biking but the trails were a little out of Rig's league.  So we stopped at Bonelli Park on the way home and found some single track.  It was roughly a thousand degrees.   

After sweltering in the single track we found a swimming beach to cool off in. 

Then we decided to rent a kayak.  That was Rig's favorite part of our trip. 

I am embarrassed to say that after eight years of calling myself a surfer, the first time I shot the pier was in a kayak on a lake. 

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the bigbam said...

Those are great pictures, it looks like Rigdon had a blast. That is the biggest pinecone I have ever seen!