Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Lola!

Since my surgury I have not been able to drive stick. This has meant me rolling in the family mini-van while Sara is left with my well aged 96 Cavalier. We have been talking about me getting a new car for at least a few years but her having to drive the Cavy on a regular basis has intensified things. So we have been car shopping.

We got a sitter last weekend and went to the car lot. We went to every major dealership. Sara liked the Volvos but I couldn’t afford one. I liked the Challenger but figured a bike rack would ruin it’s good looks. We ended up at the Honda dealership. We test drove a Civic. It was nice. It was practical. It was in our price range. But it just wasn’t me. No offense to Civic owners, but I just couldn’t drive one. It was just a little too main-stream. So the hunt was still on.

It is my nature to get over enveloped in things. I was spending more time than is healthy on every craigslist in So. Cal. If you know craigslist you know you have to act fast to get a good deal.

This week I got left home from Disneyland with Jillian and my crutches. I don’t know if Sara meant it or if she was just feeling bad for me but the last thing she said was, “You have my blessing to buy a car if you find something good.”

That was the kiss of death.

Jilli had even become familiar with my craigslist addiction and would cry as soon as I sat down at the computer. But it wasn’t long before we had a hot one and were out on the road. The guys house we ended up at had a parking lot of classic cars in his backyard. The one I had driven out for was not worth the trip, but the vehicle right next to it was. I don’t know about Jillian but for me it was love at first sight.

“Are you selling that?”

“Yeah, I was going to throw it on craigslist for 45 hundred I just haven’t gotten a chance yet.”

Two hours later the hunt was over. We reached a price of $3800. (Maybe I do have a little of the Ricker in me.)

Meet Lola.

Ain't she a beauty!

Once he said he would throw in the personalized surfer plates I was a goner.

Inside the bubble top. So much potential. So much head-room.

Sweet wood floor, two 110-outlets, a bench that folds into a bed, sink, propane stove, icebox. She's the swiss army knife of automobiles.

If you have seen Ghostbusters, it isn’t hard to imagine the scene when I brought Lola home. (If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters, please stop reading my blog. Permanently.) Imagine the scene when Ray brings home the Ecto-mobile for the first time. Sara playing the role of Peter Venkman and me as Ray.

Sara: “You can’t park that thing here!”

Me: “Everyone can relax I found the car. It needs some suspension work...and shocks...and brakes, brake pads, linings, steering box, transmission, rear end…”

Sara: “How much?”

Me: “Only 3800.”

I guess to end up with a 1970 bus when you were secretly hoping for a Volvo most wives would have reacted quite a bit worse than Sara did. Sensing my excitement she bit her tounge and didn't say one single mean thing. Sara is a horrible liar and could not keep up the facade forever. Her excitement for Lola was not quite what I had hoped. Upon me probing a little further she finally shared her feelings. I don't remember the exact wording but this was the gist of it:

"Of all the cars that I saw you look at or ask me about on craigslist that is by far the ugliest one."

That hurt a little but I guess I probably deserved it.

I know I should have given Sara a chance to weigh in on the purchase of a 1970 bubble top VW bus, but the temptation was too great and I conceded. Sara is not quite able to visulize Lola's full potential yet, but give her some time. Venkman eventually warmed up to the Ecto-mobile, right.


Anonymous said...

That is the raddest thing I have ever seen in my life. I love bugbuses. That's what my family calls them. That's a total surfer car. I love it. Great find. P.S. I like the song/name of the car. Lola L-O-L-A Lola. My dad and I used to sing that. I didn't find out what it meant until I was older. Fun story. Have fun with Lola! (And fixing her up!)

Mindy said...

I am glad that Beetle is not the only Smart to use the phrase "so much potential".

Rocky said...

Awesome find! I am a little offended that Sarah thought so little of such an amazing ride. However, I am sure it is only a matter of time until she pulls a Dr. Venkman on us and realizes the true beauty of that little Lola. I cannot wait to come check it out and take it for a spin. That thing should be a great kayak transporter! Congrats!!

Darrell said...

That is an amazingly beautiful machine! Oh, the memories and stories that will be told about "Lola" over the years will be the stuff of legends. Give Sara a decade and she will see the wisdom of your purchase. Good post. Greater rig!

Rachey Smart said...

Oh my! Lola is a gem. I am SO excited!!! That is seriously THEE coolest ride ever. I bet the coolest you'll ever own, go ahead and tell Sar I said that. You'll have to drive it up and be in The Bug Show this summer with the other Smarts, it would fit right in. If Sara needs someone to console her Im sure Cher has some comforting advice from her many Ricker "deals of a lifetime"

Krystal Ann said...

We are so jealous! Brad and I have been looking for a VW bus for awhile now - we keep going to SLC to find them but they aren't just right...i guess we need to come to cali and get one!!!

cheryl said...

Rangi, I put this in as one of your top five best blogs ever. The material (LOLA) you had to work with could of had something to do with it, and the comparison to Ray and the ecto-mobile are priceless. Hang in there Sara!

Good Luck Joe said...

What! Are you serious. That thing is sick Rangi! Every once in a while I'll daydream about Bleuby (my bug) and wonder why the h I sold it. And this isn't helping, but I couldn't be happier for you and Sara. She obviously doesn't realize the stoke of the Bus yet but she'll catch on. I can't wait to drive to the beach in that thing with you and do a little surfing. (P.S. I have a little blog now, you guys should follow).

Dave said...

Rangi, that's a really dope ride, and a steal of a deal. That van is only going to go up in value for sure. Sara can drive the Swagger Wagon and you get to drive the Shaggin Wagon. nice!

Jess Mac said...

there is truly nothing ugly about that vehicle--and I mean that--as to whether it will "go up in value for sure", the last thing Dave said that about is dripping oil in his parents driveway...

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! Mr. Smart, I read the first two books in "The Hunger Games" trilogy and I cannot wait for the third one to come out! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm rereading the first one again. I'm kind of obsessed. Oh, and they're making a movie! :) I want to score an audition. I'm going to ask my agency.

Tilly Bray said...

Yeah i remember the exact wording. Oh no, as a matter a fact i don't...

SavageSam said...

Hey, I forgot to mention it when we were visiting last weekend, but the new license plate looked really good. 4 Groms. Very nice.