Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Impressing the little guy at any cost!

Chairlift Talk while riding over the board park:

“Wow did you see that Dad?”

“Yeah pretty cool.”

“Whoa Dad did you see that boardslide?”

“Yeap, that was sweet.”

“Oh my heck, Did you see that jump Dad?”

“I can go bigger than that Rig.”

“You can?” Tone of disbelief.

Just about a month ago Rig told me he didn’t think I could beat up his seventy year old Karate instructor at the YMCA. I was already feeling an intense desire to start reliving some of the glory days in the park, throw in the fact that Rigdon was starting to see me as something less than superhuman and I was ready to commit to a gap jump.

So on our next run I chose the smallest one in the park and went for it. It felt pretty good. I hit a couple more and it just started to feel better and better. I finally hit a big one and it was exhilarating. I couldn’t resist a euphoric scream.

“Did you see that Rig?”

“See what?”

Other than myself, Rigdon is the least observant person I know.

"That jump I just hit!”

“You did that big jump?” Same tone of disbelief.

On our next run I was golden. My park mojo was thriving. I was hitting all the jumps with confidence. I stopped to see if Rigdon was taking in any of my skills. He wasn’t. I decided I would have him get the big jump I had already done on film this time. Then he couldn’t miss it.

After some careful instructions of how to use the camera, Rig was ready to go. Rig was to record me on a medium jump and then the big one.

I took off and smoothly landed the smaller jump and confidently pointed my board towards the jump that just last run had been so exhilarating. I remember thinking to myself, “Am I going too fast? Nah, the last one felt great plus I’ve got the same color hair as Shaun White.”

The take off was perfect. I left the ramp as straight as I ever had. Then I remember thinking “I should be going down by now.”

I saw the landing come and go underneath me and my next thought was “ Holy crap, I am going to break bones.”

If only I had been so lucky.

This is the one that got my knee. It doesn't look like this guy is making it to the landing. Better to under shoot it than over shoot it as I learned. I landed over towards the left edge of the picture.

I was not waiting around for pity. I unstrapped my board, jumped up after the wreck and made a self assesment. My knee got wrenched really good but everything else seemed to be in tack. Although I knew immediately knee injury was the second worse senario only to back injury. I walked over to Rigdon expecting a “Dang are you all right?” or a “That was huge Dad!”

There was no such reaction.

“I think I have to go home Rig.”

“What? Why?”

“I think I hurt my knee in that wreck.”

“You wrecked?”

Turns out I was wrong about Rigdon he is even less observant than me.

Bet you can guess how the footage of the wreck came out. Here it is below.

The only proof that anyone even witnessed my wreck is if you turn the volume up you can hear some guy say "He way overshot it!"


Rachey Smart said...

"Plus I have the same hair color as Shaun White." Is going into my book of funniest quotes...EVER! ha ha, Rang you kill me. Once again, your blog NEVER disappoints!! That sounds butal, hope the surgery went okay. We all love you so much. Sweet post!

cheryl said...

Well at least some one actually saw it and critiqued it for you. If only you hadn't of way over shot it.
Atleast you will always have the same hair color as Shaun White, but I think your days of attempting any kind of jumps like him might be over.

Dave said...

I never knew you had so many Chinese fans... Those landings are the worst man. I may not be here today had it not been for my mom making me get a helmet my junior year at BYU-I.. ice + head = pain.

Darrell said...

Honesty, especially from a son who is supposed to idolize your every move can be brutal. In this case, however, the fall itself appears to have done more damage.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA same hair as Shaun White. That's rich. :) You wanted to impress him so badly! Don't worry, you'll be back at the park in no time!
Funny posts. I read the ones you told me about.

You ARE a good writer. I enjoyed it.

joven said...

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Good Luck Joe said...

Ha ha. Classic observation in the background. I'm sure those guys were stoked on your speed check for them though. You were up there Rangi, that must have been a scary trip back to the ground. I think the footage was pretty decent though considering the fact that Rig was unaware of what was going on! I was impressed.