Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why I don't own a motorcycle

I had a season lift pass to The Canyons over a decade ago. During that winter I worked up to doing all the biggest jumps they had in the park. I didn’t do them with much style. I couldn’t do a single technical trick, not even a 180. That stuff didn’t interest me, but I could go big, and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

In my one season as a pass holder, I sufffered one wreck that resulted in a broken wrist, which to this day is still broken. Then while recovering from the wrist injury, on a day with spectators gathered in the park, I was going pretty big and getting some love from the crowd. Eager to impress further, I decided to save all my speed for the biggest jump where the crowd was gathered. It was going to be awesome.

Upon take-off my arms instantly began flapping violently and the awesomeness was underway. It was obvious to all that I was going to over shoot the landing by a good margin. The only question was weather the arm flapping would keep my board under me. It didn’t. I might as well had not even had on a snowboard because it was the last thing to hit the snow on impact. I had impressed them all right. After that jump, I had a whole group of them tending to me. You know it is a good wreck, when the first thing people ask is “Can you still move your legs?” That wreck did not result in broken bones, but once I was sure my legs still worked I elected to walk down the mountain. The next day my backside turned black and blue and swelled up like I had a football trapped under my skin. I was left wearing sweat pants for weeks. Lesson learned? Maybe not.

This is not my wreck. This was just the wreck most reminiscent of mine on youtube. To better imagine my wreck, put me on a snow board add more arm flapping and more spectators and imagine the cursing in english rather than french, and you have it.

On Rigdon’s birthday I took him snowboarding for the first time. He totally impressed me. We had a blast. I had the bright idea that we would both buy season passes next year and ride together as often as possible.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw a special to buy your season pass for next year now, and get the rest of this season free. I figured we could get in at least 5 more days this season. I decided to go for it and last Saturday morning I threw down the 358 bucks for mine and Rig’s passes. We were thouroghly enjoying our first day as season pass holders. I usually let Rig dictate what part of the mountain we ride, like his old man, he is drawn to the park.

Being in the park is not good for me. I get there and I am like a recovering alcoholic. I see the big gap jumps and the guys hitting them and my palms sweat and my stomach aches. I can’t wait to join them.

As of that morning I was now a season pass holder again and would have plenty of time to prudently work back up to some big hits. More on that thought in my next post I have to get back to conference.


Darrell said...

Your problem is called a lack of judgment. most of us experience this little voice when confronted with potentially dangerous things that keeps us safe. Your little voice is apparently on mute in perpetuity. i look forward to completion of your post on your accident.

cheryl said...

Something good comes from most things no matter how bad they may seem at first.... the title of this post is it. I'm so glad you know you shouldn't own a motorcycle.

Rachey Smart said...

I see YOU have more of the asian comments as well...sweet! ha ha, also I was laughing so hard at your comment, "yeah, I said it...Your a red head!" ha ha. You're too funny Rang. That crash looks brutal dude, Im glad I didn't see you do it. Hope your knee is feeling better but from what I hear, its not:( Im stoked for you to finish this story...

Rachey Smart said...

MORE POSTS!!! Your readers demand it! :)

Rachey Smart said...

Sorry to leave ANOTHER comment on your blog but I showed Danny your blog yesterday and he was reading clear back to FOREVER ago and pretty much crying from laughing. He was like, "Rangi is really funny" and I was like, "I know" and he said, "No like really funny." I dont know if that made sense, but it made me laugh. Ps. I love how you talk about nons like they're muggles for something! You kill me. I miss you!