Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RC Cribs

This is my crib! Where I spend 180 days a year.  
(Or at least that's the goal.) This was actually filmed 
a couple of years ago and shown on our video bulletin 
at school. Since then I have added some nice pieces 
to the crib, including a howler monkey head and a 
gigantic elk. (The elk was a Christmas present from the 

P.S. The burn out is NOT a special effect.

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cheryl said...

I love your RC crib. I think my favorite part is the tie-die look t-shirts you create from cleaning your overhead dry erase. I guess they are wear and don't wash. Or wear and wash and rewipe and wear.

cheryl said...

I can't find your video, I wanted to show it to someone and it isn't there... probably just me!

cheryl said...

I am mentally challenged.
At work it wasn't on my computer so I just went to Youtube RC cribs.
They loved it!