Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Island Life!

The cheapest Island getaway I know of is Catalina Island.  Hence it has become a Smart favorite.  This trip we were lucky enough to have the usuals (Rick, Cher and Phyl) plus Beetle, Mindy and co.   

Sunshine and smiles on the ride out.

The cousins were front and center for the boat ride.  Notice anybody missing from the last picture.  Beetle and Mindy played ditch the dummy on Sara.

It's official!  Those shades have Grandpa status written all over them.
Ricker was trying to cut my grass as Caroline's "best friend."

Caroline and Benson were hoping to stow away for some real adventure.

The first thing the kids wanted to do upon arrival? 
The beach of course.

Benson had to go potty.  Beetle told him to go in the water.  
He minds really well.

The water was frigid but that doesn't stop the Smart kids. 

I can't resist Caroline, especially in polka-dots.

Ricker's fishing exaggerations are second only to those of his Irish blood lines.  
Above is the catch of the day, complete with trick photography to help sell his story to anyone not present.  Below is a legitimate photo.   

Better luck next year Ricker.

Rigdon tried catching a pigeon.

Benson tried catching some ZZZ's.

Grandma Phyl-Phyl, the Matriarch of the whole clan.
She also tried cutting my grass as Caroline's best friend.

The submarine ride was a hit for everyone old and young.

On top of the sub for the ride back to port.

Grandpa Ricker always treat's the grandkids to ice-cream and they make sure to all get Rainbow Sherbet so they don't have to share with Mom or Dad.

The Snorkeling Crew.  People always think me and Roman look like twins.  Try to tell who's who in full snorkel gear.

The only thing that is better than watching Beetle put on a wet-suit that is too little is listening to him shriek and squeal like a little girl as he enters the cold water.

Sara saw this picture and said "Dang we should have kept our sunglasses on!!"

Then she saw this one next and said, "Whoa, No we shouldn't have!"
Ricker may have gone Grandpa status, but at least he didn't go Walmart status like his firstborn.  


cheryl said...

The Island life is a good one. We tried to get Heders to go, but the trip over Is no longer two for one in the package deal and they couldn't count any of their kids as infants. One other thing I have to tell you is we did get Dad's sunglasses at Walmart, Thanks for sharing the pics,,,even if there were a few digs. They were worth it to take us back if only in our dreams.

Sarah said...

This looks like a fun trip. Wish we could have gone. Maybe next year.

Darrell said...

Looks like tons of fun.

I didn't know the Ricker could catch fish. I'm not surprised at the size of his minnow, nor the fact that he would attempt to use trick photography to create an illusion, it's that he actually hooked something.

the bigbam said...

Great pictures Rangi! Especially the beach pics. That was such a fun trip. By the way, I can totally tell who is who in snorkel gear-the thighs give it away.