Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sara gets her Whoa-Man status!

Rig and I had committed Grandpa Steve to come on our annual Fourteener trip far in advance, but the week of the trip Sara expressed some disappointment with always being left at home.  So I talked her into coming along with just a few days notice.  She was a little apprehensive about her lack of training and experience but once I convinced her I wouldn't leave her alone in the wilderness the first time she asked for a break she was in.  
Originally we were planning to climb Mt. Tyndall but since we had Mom as our celebrity guest, we decided we would let her have a crack at the Big Dog, Mt. Whitney.

We had more sun in the first 10 minutes than Rig and I did in two days on Rig's first trip up Whitney. 

During our last guys trip someone raised the question of which one of our wives would be most likely to climb the Grand Teton.  Sara's name was mentioned but I don't think she was put on the top of many people's list.     

 Rig and Sara viewing some deer.

This guy let me close enough I thought about jumping on his back.

The hike was beautiful and I felt spoiled to be sharing it with my wife.

Of our group I figured Sara to be the weakest link, but Rig was struggling more than usual.

 Then I turned around to see this.  
"What the heck?  Are you seriously letting Mom carry your pack?"
After giving Rig a hard time, he insisted on taking his pack back from Sara but it was too late.  I already had this photo and video proof.

We made a little over half of the elevation on the first day.

Rig, Sara and I all squeezed into a two man tent.  I gave Sara my nice sleeping pad.  That and the cramped sleeping quarters made for a long night.
Grandpa Steve left us all in the dust on the first day but a short bit into the second day his back had had enough and he sent us onto the summit without him.
I carried all the gear for Rigdon and Sara including the pringles.  They were free to get their hike on and I was free to get my snack on.
Whatever Rig was missing the day before, he found for summit day.  He motored to the top waiting occasionally for me and Mom to catch up.
Sara was very impressive, especially for cold turkey.  She passed group after group on her way to the top.  I was only a little bummed because I always assumed Rigdon got his hiking prowess solely from me.  That is obviously not the case.
Sara on top of the lower 48.

Last time Rig and I were here it was white out conditions.
This was the first time Rig got to see the view.
Rig and Sara both represented well for the blonde portion of the family.
On the hike back Rig and I had to get our 14er count up so we scrambled up Mt. Muir.
 It was scarier than I thought it would be.
Rig did good but I had to spot him a couple of times.

The summit had only about a 5 foot diameter.  It was pretty erie to stand on.  Rig did it for one picture but both of his eyes were closed in it as opposed to this one where one is still open.

We hiked all the way out that night.  The last hour of it in the dark.

Next guys trip when we are discussing which wife is the most likely to be able to hack it, Sara will at least have earned herself some serious consideration.  Nice work babe!!


Mindy said...

Rangi, you need to blog more-your posts are great! Way to go Sara! Cold Turkey....that is impressive. I would like to know how you felt when you got home and had to jump back in to taking care of 4 kids after such a long hike...that is even more impressive.

Rachey Elder said...

Rang is back! I love it! I agree with Mindy, start posting more ASAP. This was a great post with freaking awesome pics. Sara you are amazing! I am seriously impressed that you did Mt. Whitney COLD TURKEY. Sare Bear= pure animal. I still want to come on one of these epic hikes with you guys.

Ryan said...

This was great, Rangi. I enjoyed it SO much. Great pictures and captions. :) --- Kater

Grandma Cher said...

Sara you are my Hero!!! That is so impressive! You guys are the Family Hikers now. Love the Post and the Only thing that could have made it better is you, Rangi riding Dasher! Glad you are back!

Darrell said...

You are the best dad ever. The question is whether you are the best husband ever. So, will Sara clamor for more? Congrats!

Jess Mac said...

Serious consideration!? Sara for sure would smoke everyone! That's awesome way to go everybody. I think at this point Grandpa Steve is the most impressive one to be hiking Whitney.