Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharing the Stoke!

We spent last weekend doing one of our favorite family activities, beach camping. The waves were a little small for my taste but they were perfect for the kids.

Caroline never misses a chance to go out and get some waves with Dad. It is one of my favorite forms of Daddy-Daughter dates.

Me extending an invitation to get a dose of "the stoke."

Caroline has a lot of trust in me. Carrying her out through the rocks and shore break makes me more nervous than it makes her.

The water was freezing. Caroline hasn't grown into the garage sale wetsuit I bought her yet, but she doesn't let that wipe the smile off her face.

Here is the sequence of our best wave together.
Notice the similarity in our facial expressions.

Taking off on the wave.

Lips sealed and eyes closed battling the white wash to get to the wave face.

Emerging victorious on the wave proper.

Adjusting the trim to get lined up with the wave face, anticipating the best to come.

Smiles on, sharing the stoke!

Pulling out of the close out, lips and eyes sealed again.

When Caroline got out of the water she boldly declared,
"When I grow up I am going to be the best surfer in the family!"

Big Bro had to disagree with that statement.

These are his best arguments.

I have bad news for both of them: The old man is still planning on being the best surfer in the family for a while yet.


Rocky said...

This wont come as a shock but they have already both exceeded my skills. Although, I may do better if you would piggyback me out through the break and then paddle me into the wave. That would probably be my only hope. Well done Liny!

Rachey Elder said...

I don't know who I'm more impressed with: 1. Sara for taking the pics,2. Lini for holding on, 3. Or you for surfing with someone on your back. All three are pretty sweet. This post has made me realize we need to come visit ASAP. Can't wait to see you guys!

Darrell said...

It looks like Rig needs to give me lessons when I come to CA this summer.

Jess Mac said...

You guys are rad. I love Rig's surf stance. He looks straight out of a beach boys music video.