Thursday, April 14, 2011

Until next season...

Last weekend was the end of the snow season at our local resort. Rig, Livi and I had season passes this year and we had a blast. Especially me, as I snowboarded more this season than the last 10 combined.
I hate to admit that when we moved here 11 years ago I was a bit of a snow snob. I only snowboarded on rare occasions in Utah. After 8 years in SoCal I finally gave the local resorts a chance and was surprised how much fun I had. Though they couldn't offer what Utah could, they could offer a lot of things Utah couldn't.

A shot of Rig and Livi. Rig's board is from a garage sale and Livi's skis, boots and bindings are circa 1979 and were a total of 7 dollars at the DI.
Rig got a helmet at DI. Livi got a giant fur ball at the Gap.

I had to teach Livi to ski even though I never had. It wasn't very hard. I told her to make her skis a pizza if you want to go slow and french fries if you want to go fast. She was a natural and did a lot more french fry than pizza.

Here is a picture of Rig about to throw a big spray on one of his famous heal-side turns. Rig looks like a pro unless you watch him close and realize he rarely does a toe-side turn. I guess that will come eventually.

I always try to keep some candy on me to share with the kids on the lift. This is Livi contemplating the best way to eat a Mike and Ike.

Livi had to get comfortable in the board park if she was going to ride with me and Rig.

Mom got to spend two days with us on the mountain. She was there for Livi's first day and actually deserves most of the credit for teaching her to ski.

Livi skied one day of SoCal powder and it was not to her liking. She ended up having to sit and rest here in the snow while me and Rig tracked out as much powder as we could without her. The next powder day we let her go to school.

If you are noticing a common theme with all of these pictures, it is the blue sky. It is like spring skiing all winter in California.

Rig and I did sneak in one epic powder day at Sundance with uncle Roman. Don't be fooled by the blue sky it was freezing and snowing most of the day, but definitely worth it.

That Utah powder is pretty special. Rig thought he had died and gone to snowboarding heaven.
Heck so did me and Roman.

Riding the lift in Utah you mainly think about how cold you are.

Eating lunch in Utah you have to fight for a seat to huddle in the lodge.

Eating lunch in SoCal you kick back and listen to the music and wonder where you can stash your jacket for the second half of the day.
(I know I have officially turned soft because I started buying lunch at the resort.)

The SoCal mountains can't touch the Utah mountains but our terrain parks definitely hold their own. Plenty of obstacles to tear an ACL on.
This is Rig coming off a box.
Dad learned his lesson for at least one season.

Rig, more heal-side.

But the number one thing SoCal resorts have on Utah is their proximity to the beach. I managed to surf and snowboard in the same weekend twice this season. Thank goodness for furlough days.
Roman snuck down for two surf sessions this winter, and Rocky made one although he didn't make the picture.

The sun has set on my first year as a season pass holder in SoCal. I admit it's not Utah but I can think of a lot worse places to live.


Rachey Smart said...

SO jealous of the Cali weather. You think Utah is cold during the try THEE ONLY WAY we ever go... NIGHT BOARDING. So miserable it's fun?? Ugh. At least it's cheap. I wanna go surfing with you guys! That first pic of Livi is so cute:D

Darrell said...

I have become so soft that boarding on sunny, warm days is all that even interests me anymore. I am really jealous. In Washington we don't have SoCal weather, and we definitely don't have Utah snow. Maybe that explains why I board so little.

Grandma Cher said...

I love Livi in her goggles and Fur ball hat. California is awesome. It looked so fun! It is paradise there in so many ways. Especially when the Lakers loose in a sweep. Rigdon took some Great air too.

Krystal Ann said...

That's so fuN! I will have to go snowboarding with you guys next season! We just moved to Fountain Valley, so now I am not too far away from you guys.