Thursday, January 27, 2011

We can't all be Jimmer!

Rig just started his first season of organized basketball, and if you are coming from this gene pool and you want to contribute to your team's success you might have to find some ways other than scoring. So I have been lecturing Rigdon lately on the value of defense and so far I think he is buying into it. Below are some clips of Rig's suffocating defense from his first game.

The guy he guarded never scored but he did get a few shots off. In his second game I told Rig the only thing better than holding someone scoreless is denying them the ball all together. Rig heard that, and the guy Rigdon guarded his second game only touched the ball once the whole game and when he tried to shoot, Rig blocked it.

After the game Sara asked me, "Do you feel bad at all that the kid that Rigdon guarded the whole game never even got to do anything?"

"Heck no! Rigdon never scored either and if you can't score then the only thing you can do to level the playing field is play tenacious D. I am simply teaching him how to compete with what God has given him."

And for a Smart on a basketball court that ain't much.


Darrell said...

Sheila asked me, "What's Rig doing playing basketball?!" I had to explain that that's where we all start out. It helps us clearly see that a wrestling mat is the only venue where we stand a chance to succeed. It's all part of the necessary pathway to the world of wrestling. Sorry Rig!

cheryl said...

I love that Rig! He was totally doing awesome on the D. He is a fighter all the way.

Rachey Smart said...

Ha ha I love this post more than you know. SO funny! The sad truth is I vividly remember you giving me some similar advice when I started playing church ball. Big D was my bread and butter. I think I made like 2 baskets my whole career. Cute vid! Great post:)

jenni bishop said...

Rigdon is a stud all-around! He can do it all! Caden came home from your house the other day and said, "Mom, I can do a Jimmer!" I told him I didn't know what that meant:) He said he'd show me:) Hopefully Caden will get good at "Jimmers" because our family is counting on this sport!!

Good Luck Joe said...

I love this video. Rigdon is such a champ. And that defense was truly suffocating. Great post.