Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quarterback Forgiven

I have never bashed any BYU quarterback behind phony screen names on the internet, but I certainly have said a derogatory thing or two in the privacy of my own living room. Nothing brings out the whining and complaints like a BYU-Utah game. Last Saturday after watching Max Hall throw for a career low in his last chance to beat the Yewts, while watching the rest of the team inevitably squander our 14 point lead, it was getting pretty hard for any true blue cougar fan to hold it in.

Then overtime came and Max seized his last chance to be a hero. Despite throwing a 25 yard touchdown pass on 2nd down to clench the victory from the jaws of defeat I was not quite ready to forgive him for letting the Yewts take us to the wire again. I was softening but I was not quite ready to forgive, that was until the infamous post game interview.

Nice job Max! That pretty much sums it up! I don't care how many General Authorities went there, they don't go there anymore! That was Awesome! Consider yourself fully forgiven from Rangi Smart. I promise to not say one more bad thing about you the rest of your career, no matter how bad you play in the Bowl game.


Rachey Smart said...

AMEN MAX HALL!!! Rang, at least he got one thing right, even if it wasn't any play on the field...Right?

Darrell said...

I couldn't agree more. Even if he totally blows it in the bowl game, he will forever be remembered for that post-game interview.

Rachey Smart said...