Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pretty Boy Status?

No, I didn't get a cell phone.
At the start of this school year Sara asked me to organize my closet. If she would have asked me how many collared school shirts I had, I would have guessed about 10 or so. Upon completing my organization I was shocked and embarrassed to find that I had over 40.
My first thought was "Holy crap! When did I turn into a girl?" I decided I better embrace my stockpile of sport-polos. So logically, I challenged a couple other teachers to see who could go farther into the school year without repeating shirts. After getting no takers at my proposal, I was stuck competing against my usual challenger, myself. A personal quest to see how far my arsenal of apparel could take me, the rules were collared shirts Mon-Thurs, t-shirst only on Fridays, jerseys only after big wins. I lasted over 11 weeks, almost one-third of the school year. Sara wants me to get rid of some of them now, but the way I see it, I have already amassed enough shirts in 10 years of teaching to go almost a third of the school year, if I keep this pace by the time I retire I will be able to go my whole last school year without repeating shirts and she can go my whole last year without doing laundry.
Special thanks to Sara for taking my picture on every morning that I wasn't already running too late.


Mindy said...

That is amazing! It also makes me feel like a really bad wife because Beetle is lucky to not have to wear the same shirt three times in one week! Its probably not that bad, but thanks to you and rocky-his collection is climbing.

Darrell said...

Love the post! Love the shirts! I would wear everyone of them. Although your comparison about a girl's wardrobe was a little too close for comfort.

Rachey Smart said...

I actually have noticed that you always have cool shirts... and now that you mention it, I've never seen you wear the same one! ha, ha, I LOVED the vid Rang! That is seriously so funny. My fav was the jersey:) Great Post:)

cheryl said...

I can't believe how many shirts you have, but I've seen your closet and I know you can have about as many shirts as anyone could want and still have room for more. That is one BIG closet. Just a little info about the video... If you stop it in the middle you can actually be caught wearing two shirts at once.

jenni bishop said...

Aaron definitely should have challenged you! Remember, he likes to think of himself as having a "collection" not a wardrobe!