Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birfday Sara!

The dynamic duo of Riz Nasty and D-Lish have been at it again, this time on my wife's behalf. I am embarrassed to admit that I wanted to be in this production. I even wrote some lines for it, but it turns out I suck at rapping. So I just made Riz promise to use my lines. I wrote the part after "She's Crafty."

P.S. I promise to blog about something other than rapping soon!


jenni bishop said...

Happy Birthday Sara! I can't get the volume to work on my dad's computer here and I'm dying to actually hear the rap!!! Ahhhh!

Sarah said...

I just want to know how Sara got the name SS Slim and I got SS Nugget. Talk about shot to the ego.

Darrell said...

hilarious video! you know you rank somewhere ridiculously high in life when Riz Nasty memoralizes your special day with a rap.