Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birfday Rigdon!

This video speaks for itself and then some!
Special Thanks to Riz Nasty and D-Lish, you guys are kooks,
 and I mean that in the most complimentary way!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Rigdon!

the bigbam said...

Happy 8th birthday Rigdon! We are so excited to come to your baptism!

jenni bishop said...

That was awesome! Rangi, where did you say you were from again? JK! Happy Birthday Rigdon! You are a special friend to our whole family!

Leslie Kim said...

Happy Birthday Rigdon!!!

Jared said...

Rigdon - Happy late birthday from Stockton and the Bramwells.

Now, about the rap - that rap is AWESOME. I thought Eminem and Vanilla Ice were good white rappers, but they've got nothing on Riz-Nasty and D-Lish.

Darrell said...

Who knew? That your kids were so old and that your lil' sis Rachel was something straight out of
Compton. More surprising was that Danny Boy puts lil' Bow Wow to shame. There are hardly superlatives to adequately comment. a belated Happy Birfday to Rigdon!